Saturday, October 14, 2006

Music Of Miles Davis Remixed

This was a little known gem released back in 1998 on Columbia Records. It's a 4 song ep of reconstructed Miles Davis music. Very trippy and ambient stuff mixed by the legendary producer Bill Laswell. Please leave your feedback on the music. Good tracks to just sit back and get lost in.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Latest In The World Of Great Music

Red Bull Music Academy Radio

Make sure to log on for a heavy tapestry of beats on Red Bull Music Academy Radio between September 24th and October 27th as we broadcast live & direct from the heart of the Red Bull Music Academy 2006 in Melbourne, Australia.

Every weeknight from 7-11pm the damn thing is rough and rugged, raw and ready and most of all: live! Expect to hear surprise sets and interviews, from a Berlin-based disco DJ kicking up a balihoo, to a Belleville originator rocking the bells, to legendary double-jointed Latin percussionists. You’ll hear a confluence of accents, musical dialects and fresh perspectives as over 100 DJs and producers from around the world gather in the Antipodes to make sweet music.
Of course, there’ll be more local flavour than you can shake a wombat at. We’ll serve up live sets recorded in the watering holes of Melbourne on our new show »Birrarung Beats« (Birrarung being the Aboriginal title for the local river more recently referred to as Yarra). Visiting DJs who go digging for gold in the record stores of Melbourne will present their treasures and give their two cents on the RBMA Radio show »Melbourne Marvels«

Joining the gold rush will be the team from Australian community radio station PBS, who’ll contribute their production chops, and beam out two live RBMA Radio showcases on their nationwide programme »Studio 5« on Thursday October 5th and Thursday October 19th 2006.

On top of all this you can continue to catch shows from regular monthly hosts including the one and only Theo Parrish (Detroit), electric soul wizard Steve Spacek, Osunlade (Yoruba), Kirk Degiorgio aka As One (UK), cult analog dance producer Morgan Geist (Metro Area), Daz-I-Kue (Bugz In The Attic) and Monk One (Wax Poetics, NYC) – covering everything from slinky hip hop and bottom-heavy drum n bass to batacuda house and A.I. electronics.

The Academy has been bumping assorted beats ‘n’ pieces via its own internet-based radio station since 2005. is an invaluable gateway to the wealth of knowledge and expertise nestling within the Red Bull Music Academy. As you tune in, click through the Red Bull Music Academy main site from Sunday onwards and discover new sections to highlight the artists, architects and special Melbourne club nights adding 100% inspired Aussie vibes to this Academy – and you can’t say fairer than that.

Open your ears:

Saturday, August 26, 2006

French House Movement

This is truly a great compilation filled with classic sounding house music grooves from clubs like The Red Zone (NYC) or The Riviera (Chicago) except the music comes from French producers who are picking up where the states have ditched. This is a wicked compilation (pre daft punk fame)featuring many dope producers / DJ's like Dimitri From Paris, Bob Sinclair, Motorbass and more. If you're out shopping for some dope house grooves pick this one up.

Check the link for some treats. As always holla back with your comments.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Nuyorican Soul For A Hot Day

A MASSIVE RECORD!-- and an instant legend the day it was released! Masters At Work host the beautiful meeting of a host legendary artists -- Roy Ayers, George Benson, Eddie Palmieri, Tito Puente, Jocelyn Brown, Vince Montana, and others -- all united in a magical session that brings Latin firmly back to the dancefloor with the power and majesty of the best 70s recordings! The whole thing's amazing -- a fantastic mix of Latin, funk, jazz, and house that's inspired a whole new generation of musicians -- and which has still yet to be duplicated years later! Includes the massive remake of "I Am the Blackgold of the Sun", plus "Runaway", "Sweet Tears", and the great cover of Bob James' "Nautilus".

Link - Please leave your comments on the music

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Cinematic Orchestra

Fantastic stuff by one of the few groups whose music is actually as compelling as their name! Apart from the soundtracky vibe you might expect, there's actually a fair bit of real jazz in the mix here -- a refreshing change from looped and sampled instrumentation, and an aspect that gives the record incredible depth and soul. The best tracks features solos on soprano sax, electric and acoustic piano, vibes, or trumpet -- and the album works great together as a shifting palette of post-Miles, post-Coltrane soundscapes. Titles include "Channel 1 Suite", "Durian", "Night Of the Iguana", "Diabolus", "Kalima", and "Bluebirds". Check out some tasty treats and please post your feedback.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Sorry, I been away for this long. I've been working a lot of overtime for the extra paper to help pay the rent. A lot of you know how that goes. Speaking of paper it's about time Free Soul pays tribute to J. Dilla since he was and still so influential and instrumental in the shape of nu soul and hip hop. I'm going to give ya'll one of my favorite original samples used by Dilla and also the Dilla produced track using the sample. I'll also hook you up with Giles Peterson's Worldwide Tribute to the great Jay Dee. Please feel free to leave your feedback. See ya'll soon.

1) Billy Paul - Let The Dollars Circulate (The Original)
2) Steve Spacek - Let The Dollars Circulate (Remake produced by J. Dilla)
3) Giles Peterson's Worlwide Radio Tribute To J. Dilla

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Mix In A Little Special Herb

Patterning his persona and logo after the Marvel Comics supervillain Dr. Doom, the man behind MF (Metal Face) Doom's iron mask is actually Daniel Dumile, aka Zev Love X, a member of former Big Apple hip-hoppers KMD. First featured on the 3rd Bass single "The Gas Face," the London-born, Long Island-raised Zev made his debut with KMD a couple of years later, along with his younger brother and musical partner DJ Subroc. The 1991 album Mr. Hood, released on Elektra Records, was part of a short-lived trend of Islamic Five Percent Nation hip-hop outings, along with efforts by groups like Poor Righteous Teachers and KMD's labelmates Brand Nubian. However, Subroc was fatally injured in 1993 when he was struck by a car, and when Zev and KMD returned the next year, it was with the even more serious and miltant Bl_ck B_st_rds, an album whose cover art alone (featuring a Little Black Sambo-ish cartoon character being hanged) spelled the end of the group's contract with Elektra. With the album in limbo, Zev went underground for five years, "recovering from his wounds" and swearing revenge "against the industry that so badly deformed him," according to his official bio, a reworking of Dr. Doom's origin. Meanwhile, Bl_ck B_st_rds was heavily bootlegged and Zev Love's legend grew, but few knew at first that the rapper who began showing up at the Nuyorican Poets Café in 1998, freestyling with a stocking covering his face, was actually Zev. The imaginative MC finally ended the mystery in 1999, resurfacing in his new identity as MF Doom and making up for lost time with a critically praised new album, Operation: Doomsday, on indie label Fondle 'Em Records. The following year saw the long-awaited official release of Bl_ck B_st_rds (complete with Sambo-style cover art), as well as several singles and an EP with fellow rhymer MF Grimm. In 2001, SubVerse re-released Operation: Doomsday and Bl_ck B_st_rds. A wealth of bootlegs, compilation appearances, mixtapes, and instrumental albums (the beloved by DJ's Special Herbs series) surfaced over the years but no follow-up full-length until Doom introduced his alter ego, Viktor Vaughan, in 2003 with Vaudeville Villain. His team-up with the multi-talented Madlib became Madvillain and their April 2004 release, Madvillainy drew rave reviews. Four months later Venomous Villain marked the return of Viktor Vaughan with the second MF Doom album, MM… Food?, appearing in November the same year. The formerly promo-only Live From Planet X got its aboveground release in March of 2005 with Special Herbs, Vol. 9-10 following in July.

Check out the some real flavor from Special Herbs #1

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